Israel’s Pain Compliance Tool, Meet SPIKEY.

Our next less lethal device comes to us from Israel and if there’s one country out there that knows about defense it’s them. Israel is virtually surrounded by enemies so they are in constant need of personal protection and are known as innovators in this field. SPIKEY is one of Israel’s takes on what a Less Lethal Alternative should be; light, small, and effective. It’s made of impact resistant plastic and has several edged points to inflict pain and cause compliance or retreat by your attacker. Like a Kubaton, it can be carried on one’s keychain so that it’s always close by. You ladies out there are going to love this next part… it comes in a WIDE variety of colors and patterns, so that anyone who spots your keychain will simply think you are sporting a fashion accessory. This tool is good for either a right or left handed user. This system is currently in use around the world by police and security agencies. These handy little devices can be found on a variety of websites like eBay.

This unit’s MSRP is $30.00


Visit the following link for more info:

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